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Shared ownership or own your own home?

12 Apr

Shared ownership is the so called new innovative way for first time buyers to buy property investing little money, helping them with their first time property purchases, which in reality would not have been able to purchase due to not saving enough for the traditional deposit (15% loan to value) and legal fees associated with property buying.

Traditionally a first time buyer would have to save that 15% deposit (residential mortgages are typically 85% loan to value!) and pay the legal fees to go along with it.

I ask question is shared ownership the right move for a first timer buyer to make? My answer is simply no! I would say the only benefit is you are to put little money.

With shared ownership you don’t own the house in full with a majority of the time in affect the first time property buyer is paying back two loans! One being the part of your agreement where it is contributing towards the mortgage and the other part is you paying rent to the council if you have the shared ownership agreement with them.

Another way is through a private lender you may get a 95% mortgage but on selling the house they hold equity stake (20% in this example). Problem with that is if the property doubles in price when you are ready to sell, you now have to pay that 20% against the new valuation of the house. So when you agreed to it you then, you agreed to pay back £20,000 now its £40,000.

Wouldn’t this sound more appealing if you could actually buy BMV property without actually having to spend the full amount on traditional deposits and fees?

I know from time to time you’re thinking…..“There must be companies out there who can help me with my deposit and legal fees without owning a percentage of my potential home?”

Well funny enough there is! Not only will the companies pay your fees, you have a variety of different properties to choose from and they provide a fully comprehensive service!

I have made it my business over the last 10 years exposing these secrets of how this is done as I believe there are only a small number of people who know about this method.

This method is not a new method and has been done for decades saving property buyer thousands in traditional deposits and fees! It’s just been kept a secret in property buying circles

I’m giving you the chance to get FREE access to this information as I believe it’s important that you know how to purchase discounted property for next to nothing!

You can get this FREE (Yes completely FREE!!) information pack at

I really hope the information provided there for you changes your life like it has changed mine!

Graham Andrews is a powerful coach online mentor and one of the UK’s elite professional property investors.


To own or not to own…that is the question!

12 Apr

Hmmmm to Buy or to Rent…..a question that has bothered me for a while. Well …I believe there are loads of other factors that will dictate whether you buy or you rent.

The UK more than allot of other countries places a huge emphasis on owning your own property. Whether it happens today or tomorrow home ownership is seen by many as the one of the largest achievements of one’s life. I think it comes from the school of thought that “a man’s house is his castle” (sorry women…lol). I think it’s this reason that influences us Brits to buy or rent coupled with the situation where in when where ready to make this decision. I asked my cousin why he still rents and hasn’t bought and he replied …”at the time I couldn’t afford the deposit and now I’m renting I just can’t be bothered with it anymore!”…… – I wonder if this is true for allot of people who rent?

If this was different would we ever decide to pay rent to someone else to live in a house long-term which ultimately isn’t ours! Making decorating or altering or simply building your life around your perfect little home always a slightly risky venture when you could be told to leave at any time?…(we all know that feeling when you’ve borrowed something from someone and all they do is remind you not to scuff it or make sure we don’t break it etc. Never a nice feeling). This is made worst by the rising cost of renting now outstripping mortgage repayments in many instances!

I looked for solutions and all I could find was part ownership schemes….even a service which tries to get me a loan to borrow the deposit etc….I mean talk about shooting myself in the head ….a loan on top of a mortgage!…#Nothanks

I’m in touch with a few companies offering some real interesting solutions at the moment …I’ll let you know what happens with them! Me and my girlfriend are desperate to buy but don’t have enough of the usual fees saved!….Fingers crossed!!

Ok guys….so I have been in contact with a company called Propsavvy….there website is have deals in my area (east London) and they claim to offer a service through a PPS system (property purchasing system) that will allow me to save up to 75% in fees…meaning instead of spending nearly £60k on a mid-terraced house in Chingford I can buy it for just £20,000 (which is more like a 66% saving but still huge!) I have attached the link to the deal here:,-Houses-in-E4-for-sale check it out and tell me what you think! They say they are regulated, fully compliant and completely legal. I’mgoing to see what happens and keep ya posted!

The plot thickens……..

Ok so….. Quick update!….
I’ve registered with this company and have been using site to buy property. They say that they source below market value property and as on the discount to me to save me on fees.

I was curious and requested a call back and was immediately contacted by a young lady from …she was polite and seemed pretty knowledgeable and told me that I’ve been excepted because my credit was good and the property im interested is still available!………I’m gonna take the plunge guys it’s not a new build, not shared ownership and they say they provide a comprehensive service so I don’t have to worry about dealing with brokers etc.

Pleeease give me some feedback has anybody else dealt with them: it seems legit I speak to them over the phone and they seem very professional but….Is this too good to be true?

Is UK property still a solid investment in the current market?

12 Apr

According to the Building Societies Association it is now “The best time to buy property in over ten years”. Now this statement alone could excite many first time buyers/ budding property investors, however it may also confuses many people who have been hearing nothing but doom and gloom stories from the media for the past two years relating to anything financial. But first let’s not get carried away and look at some cold hard facts behind this statement and find out if it really holds true.

Firstly at the beginning of 2011 Halifax recorded its biggest single monthly drop in house prices in over 27 years a massive drop of 3.6%. Although the bank described the sharp fall in house prices as an “intake of breath” moment. The underlining fact is that there have not been any significant rise in house prices in over the last 18 months. In February 2011 it was announced again by Halifax that house prices had dropped by a further 1.55%. These consistent drops in property prices clearly indicate that the current UK property is definitely favouring the buyers rather than sellers.

Now let’s look at another factor which affects property buyers and that is the current interest rate. Which is currently still at a record low of 0.5% and has been set at this for over 2 years now. This is very good for individuals who are looking to borrow funds i.e. buy property UK with a mortgage. The facts are that today is a great time to purchase property never have we seen such a shift in power from property sellers to property buyers than now. The majority of property owners understand that the current property market is very slow and flat and any attempt to sell their property will likely end in them receiving offers at a very reducer price.

With all that said for the individuals that have always wanted to invest into property but have been a little reluctant to today’s market is totally prime for property buyers to build long term wealth, whilst buying property at a time when prices are so low.

As a full time property investor in the last 3 months I have had around a 70% increase in the amount of enquiries that I receive from property sellers who are looking to sell their property at a reduced price quickly. This again is the story I hear from many other investors who are still actively buying or sourcing properties, do not be fooled there are still plenty of good property deals out there even in a recession. So I urge you if you are truly interested in purchasing property & building wealth there really is no better time to act than right now.

Many people would happily inform you that the UK property market is dead, and that there are no mortgages or good properties available for sale, but that is clearly not the case for the individuals who understand the property market and have spent years working and building good solid relationships within the industry.

Facts don’t lie there has never been a better time to bag yourself a bargain property than right now, and with Creative Financing I have helped hundreds of individuals do exactly that with little to none of their own money, whilst allow them to benefit from tens of thousands in equity.

My name is Alex Bailey & I have other 30 years’ experience in the buying & selling of UK residential property. I am also currently one of the directors of the Propsavvy.

The Propsavvy is a finance mechanism which allows you to purchase UK property without paying any of the traditional fees associated with buying a property. This includes paying no stamp duty, deposit, legal fees and agent fees.

The Propsavvy provides a fully comprehensive service from start to finish, that includes sourcing your property, negotiating on your behalf, getting you the best possible mortgage to suite your circumstances whilst saving you tens of thousands in fees­.

Savvy investors know now is the time to buy property!

12 Apr

If you have ever thought about buying property, right now is the best time in over 10 years to actually take that step forward. As property prices continue to drop month to month and interest rates remain at a historic low, budding property buyers have never had it so good.

There are so many good deals out there that many investors who I come in to contact with tell me that they just can’t stop buying property at the moment. Plus with the added bonus of cheap finance doing a property deal has never been easier, if you have the right team backing you & the right access to finance.

It would be easy to assume that the money you have in your bank account will dictate how much property you can buy if any. However as house prices continue to fall month on month & cheap finance is available people who before could not buy property now have an opportunity of a life time.

Having access to savvy best property deals is what will ultimately dictate how much property you can buy if any, not the size of your bank balance or the amount of deposit you intend to put in.

It would be fair to say that buying a property in London with unlimited funds is easy & anyone could do it, however what if the investor was not an multi-millionaire what if they had no savings & was only on minimum wage how many properties do you believe they would be able to buy maybe one possible two if they were lucky, & this is where buying agents can come in to play.

Having an expert buying agent who employs a property purchasing system is the only way you can guarantee to buy property without putting in thousands of pounds in deposits & fees whilst also gaining from tens of thousands in instant equity no matter how much you earn. Being savvy when it comes to property will ultimately allow you to buy property as if you were a multi-millionaire, without putting in tens of thousands in deposits & fees.

My name is Alex Bailey& I am professional property Entrepreneur and one of the leading experts on making savvy property investments. Aligning yourself with an expert property buying agents like myself specialising in PPS investment ultimately allows you to buy multiple properties earning you thousands in instant cash and tens of thousands in instant equity without having to spend the traditional fees associated with a property purchase. If you would like to know more about property buying agents London and savvy investments benefiting from saving upto 75% in the traditional fees associated with a property purchase:


Finally there seems to be real help for first time buyers!

12 Apr

For many potential homeowners one of the biggest stumbling blocks they face when attempting to buy property is not the actual mortgage itself, it is in fact the huge deposit which banks are currently requiring from all potential clients to insure that their investment is protected.

We are all too aware of the current financial mess that many solid financial institutions like banks are currently facing and believe it or not things are due to get a lot worse before they get better. With the 100% mortgage none existent banks are now trying to recoup their losses & secure any future investments by making budding new home owners pay out tens of thousands of pounds in deposit fees alone.

Let’s be a little more accurate the average UK property price is 220k, currently most homeowners will need at least a 15- 20% deposit to buy, let’s be positive & take the lesser value of a 15% deposit which in this case will equate to a whopping £33,000.00 this will automatically rule out a lot of people.

Buying a property in London at 220k has other associated costs involved such as stamp duty which in this case would be £2,200, legal fees (solicitors fees) which varies upon the service & the searches you require to be done however you are most likely to pay around £800- £1000 and finally you may have to pay a valuation fee depending on the mortgage lender you have gone to which could cost you around £300 in this case.

In this example before you have even began to turn your new house in to your new home you would have already paid out £36,300.00 in costs alone not to mention your new mortgage cost for the next 25- 30 years of whatever amount you agreed, at current mortgage rates you may be looking at around £1200 per month as your new mortgage cost.

For many people in full time employment the £1200 per month mortgage cost is easily affordable especially when you consider joint incomes, however putting a heavy deposit is just not possible for most people. This leaves many people who want to buy their dream home stuck looking for options which in the long run are likely to put them in an even worse position.

Buying your first or a new home is one of the single biggest things that you will ever do in your life so it is vital that it is done correctly. You must insure that buying your home has not stretched your finances to thin & one way to make sure that does not happen is by having all your fees covered.

No matter what location you are looking for buying property in UK or the type of property you require through a simple creative finance facility, you will be able to own your dream home or multiple investments without having to raid your savings, and gain from tens of thousands in instant equity.

My name is Alex Bailey& I am professional property Entrepreneur and one of the leading experts on making savvy property investments. Aligning yourself with an expert buying agents like myself specialising in PPS investment ultimately allows you to buy multiple properties earning you thousands in instant cash and tens of thousands in instant equity without having to spend the traditional fees associated with a BMV property purchase. If you would like to know more about buying agents and savvy investments benefiting from saving up to 75% in the traditional fees associated with a property purchases:

Property the Best Long Term Investment – in Past, Present and Future

12 Apr

If you were to look at the rich list for the past 10 years and study the occupations of the majority of the top fifty individuals listed you would find that they all have something in common & that would be property.

Property is and will always be the single best long term investment, you can ever invest in. If you have any plans about financially protecting your future or really generate wealth for yourself & family property must be at the top of your investments list.

Historically every 5- 7 years property doubles in price now this is not a new thing this has been happening for the last fifty years, now compared to any other investment whether it be stocks & shares, gold, diamonds, insurance, mutual funds etc. when compared over any long term period property will clearly outperform.

Believe it or not building a property portfolio in a property slump is far easier to do than in a property boom. Why I hear you ask while property prices are at historic lows it has never been a better time to buy than right now today.
Low property prices allow individuals who once had little to no chance of getting on the ladder, a real chance to stand up and take their very first step. Savvy Investors have never had it so good with so many fantastic property deals available to them with the added bonus of cheap finance many people who I come in to contact with just can’t stop buying.

So what is the difference between a savvy investor & you why is it that they can buy multiple properties every single month on end building their property portfolio, while for many owner property is nothing more than a dream.
The single most important thing to any serious property investor is their power team, look at like this if you were are a football coach your power team would be the players who play on the field, each player and the position that they play is vital to whether you succeed or fail.

A property investor power team is just the same it is made of professional individuals, companies or groups that each specializes in area of property which is vital for your deals as an investor. Your power team should consist of solicitors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, accountants, tax specialist, property sourcers, property finders, lawyers, builders, handy men, architects, funders, estate agents, letting agents, & more. These are people that will ultimately make or break your deals, so choosing the right people is vital to your success, choosing right could give you an endless supply of fantastic deals & have all the right finance & knowledge you need to execute in buying property in UK.

Smart Ways to Invest in Real Estate

12 Apr

Purchasing valuable property is one of the secure ways to invest money. These days, there is a tremendous growth in real estate industry as more people are investing their money in real estate business. One of the major reasons for investing in real estate is change in price rates. The prices of these estates are growing very high, where people who have invested in it are able to earn huge profits in return. If you are looking for a smart investment for future security then invest in real estate.

Smart ways to invest in real estate:

  • Budget: Organise your budget effectively. Analyse the amount that you can spend in real estate. Based on your budget, research on the internet or shop around to find best deals.
  • Do a survey: You need to do a survey to find the best real estate agents who can minimise your risks. Through survey you can find the false and authorised agents. Take smart decisions before approaching a particular agent. For instance, try taking advice from your friends or relatives to find the best local dealer.
  • Location: Location matters a lot. As you’re investing a hefty amount in property, select the best location which can ultimately bring profits in the long run. For example, some may look for the place that supports eco-friendly environment and well connected with the public transportation.
  • Real estate agent: Select the best real estate agent. You can ask your broker to show properties and their rents respectively. Also find the number of investors who have already took his advice. If possible, speak to those customers and get their feedback. Ensure that your agent has a well-connected team which includes property managers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, accountants, lawyers, insurance adviser etc.
  • Property manager: If you have purchased more than five rental units, consult a property manager. The Property manager helps in proper maintenance of your home and can bring renters. But you need to give some percentage of amounts, probably 10% of your rental amount to these managers.
  • Have an agreement: Partnership agreement can balance future conflicts because you may not know how life turns out to be after you sign a legal agreement in beforehand. Investing with others can be a smart option.
  • Eliminate certain activities: After making a successful plan, find the areas where you can save your time and money. For example, if your goal is to make five offers per week then try to cut down your entertainment time, chatting with friends etc. Doing these little sacrifices, you can gain a lot in future.
  • Increase your home value: There are many advantages of investing in real estates. Be active and find different ways to increase your home value. For instance, painting home, fixing plumbing and other issues can increase home value. You can identify hidden or upcoming expenses by taking the help of home inspectors. Never ignore home inspection which reveals hidden problems. Try to take smart decision after home inspection.

Follow these simple tips and make a smart investment. It is must to insure your property to safeguard it from unexpected situations. While taking real estate loans or personal loans, consider payment protection insurance(PPI Claims) policy to protect its monthly payments. You can also compensate refund on this policy using ppi claims when you met eligibility criteria as disclosed in the agreement..

About the Author:

This guest post was contributed by Leo, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs at financeport